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Moving is both exciting and stressful. The stress of packing, organising, and transporting your belongings can quickly overshadow the excitement of starting a new chapter of your life.

Whether it’s your first move or your tenth, there’s always something new to learn. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate moving guide with dozens of tips to make your move stress-free. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time!

Things to Do Before You Move

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With proper planning and preparation, you’ll have a smoother moving process. These steps will save you time and money and reduce the stress of moving.

Declutter Your Home

Before packing your belongings, make sure to declutter your home. You’ll be surprised at the number of things you’ve accumulated over the years that you no longer need or want.

Sort through everything, and decide what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Decluttering will make it easier to pack, reduce the volume of things you move, and potentially save you money on your moving expenses.

Notify Important Contacts

Advising your important contacts of your change of address should be a top priority when planning your move.

Inform your banks, insurance companies, doctors, utility companies, and other professional organisations or services that send you mail or bills.

To ensure that you continue to receive important mail or bills after you’ve moved, arrange for mail-forwarding or redirection.

Sort Out Your Mail

Ensure that you don’t miss important mail during and after your relocation by arranging for your post to be redirected. To find out how the process works, contact your post office to set up mail forwarding or redirection.

Research Your New Area

Getting to know your new neighbourhood and city before you move is important.

Research local amenities, schools, shops, and transport links online. Join local social media groups, forums, and online communities to learn more about your new area, its people and culture.

Learning about your new surroundings will make it easier to settle in once you arrive.

Book a Removalist

The earlier you book your removalist, the better. Many people move during the peak season, making removalist companies busier than usual.

Book early to ensure that you can move on your preferred date.

Make a Packing Plan

Creating a packing plan and timeline can help you stay organised and reduce the stress of moving.

Start packing several weeks before your move date and focus on packing room by room. Begin with rooms that you use the least, such as the attic, garage, or storage rooms. Pack your essentials separately, including passports, documents, valuables, and anything you’ll need during the first few days of your move.

Packing Tips for Your Move

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Packing can be a hassle, but with these packing tips, you’ll be able to make the process smoother and less stressful. With a little planning and preparation, you’ll be amazed at how easy packing and moving can be.

Use Plastic Bags or Bubble Wrap to Protect Fragile Items

One of the most common problems with packing for a move is ensuring fragile items arrive in one piece. Use plastic bags or bubble wrap to protect these items to prevent breakages. If you’re using plastic bags, double-bag them for extra protection.

Pack Boxes in Different Sizes

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one size fits all. Mix it up with boxes of different sizes. It will make it easier to manoeuvre and transport the boxes.

Consider the weight of the items to be placed in the boxes and choose the appropriate size box so you don’t overfill or damage them.

Label All Boxes

When packing, make sure you label all of your boxes. It will save you time and effort when unpacking in your new home.

Be sure to label the boxes with the room they belong to and include a brief description of what’s inside for ease of reference.

Make Sure Electrical Cords Are Bundled Together

When packing electrical appliances, be sure to secure their cords. Consider using zip lock bags or twist ties to bundle cords. Not only will bundling them together prevent them from tangling, but it will also make things easier when you begin to unpack.

Place Heavier Objects at the Bottom of the Box

Packing heavier items at the bottom ensures the box doesn’t topple or get crushed. Lighter items should go on top to prevent damage to fragile objects.

Hire Pre Packing Services

Finally, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of packing, you can always hire professionals to do it for you.

Pre-packing services can save you time, effort and stress. They can pack your whole house or just a few items, and you can tailor the service to your specific needs and budget.

Tips to Make Moving Day a Breeze

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Whether moving across town or to a new country, these tips will ensure your moving day is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Get Up Early

Moving day requires an early start. You’ll need all the time you can get to ensure that everything is packed, loaded, and ready to go. Getting up early will give you a significant head start on the day, allowing you to get things done at your own pace without the stress of rushing around.

Final Checks

Before leaving your old home, do one final check to ensure you didn’t leave anything behind. It’s a good idea to go through every room in your house and double-check everything, including the cupboards and drawers.

Make a Plan With Your Removalist

If you’re using a removalist, work with them to plan how you want your furniture unloaded and placed in your new home.

Discuss specific requirements, such as fragile and heavy items needing extra care. A plan will ensure that the unloading process is smooth, fast, and efficient.

Take Breaks

Moving day can be stressful, and taking regular breaks is crucial to stay hydrated and avoiding burnout.

Ensure you have plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Benefits of Hiring a Removalist for Your Move

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By hiring a removalist, you’ll enjoy many benefits that will allow you to enjoy a more relaxed experience during your move – which will undoubtedly go a long way in helping you settle into your new home.

Packing Services

When you hire a removalist, you can use their packing services. They’ll take care of everything from packing your belongings to unpacking them at your new home. This service saves you time and ensures that your belongings are packed correctly to prevent damage during transit.


Removalist companies typically offer insurance to protect your belongings during transit. This extra layer of protection can give you peace of mind knowing that your possessions are covered in case something goes wrong.

Professional Equipment

When hiring a removalist, you can access their professional packing and moving equipment. This equipment is designed to ensure that your belongings are moved safely and securely. They will have the necessary tools to handle large, heavy items such as furniture, ensuring everything arrives intact.


Removalist companies have years of experience moving all types of items, from delicate china to large, bulky furniture. They know how to pack your belongings effectively so they are not damaged during transport.

Additionally, they know how to navigate the moving process, which can be especially helpful if you are moving a long distance.


Hiring a removalist can save you ample amounts of time. They’ll manage the entire moving process, giving you time to focus on other important aspects of your move. You can concentrate on setting up utilities, changing your addresses, and getting your family settled in at your new home.

Peace of Mind

Moving can be a time of significant stress and anxiety. When you hire a removalist, you can have peace of mind that your possessions are in good hands.

They will take care of everything, leaving you stress-free, knowing your belongings will arrive safely.

Tips for Choosing a Removalist for Your Move

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Choosing the right removalist is crucial for a smooth and successful move. By following these tips, you can find a reputable and reliable removalist company that suits your needs and budget.


Start by researching different moving companies and reading reviews from past customers. It will give you an idea of their reputation and the quality of their services.

You can also ask for recommendations from friends and family members who have recently moved.

Get Quotes

Get quotes from a few removalist companies, and compare their prices and services.

Remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option, as you may compromise on the quality of service.

Check Insurance

Ensure that the removalist you choose is fully insured, and check what the insurance covers.

It will give you peace of mind and protect your belongings in case of any damage during the move.

Ask About Experience

Ask the removalist about their experience moving different items, such as antiques or pianos.

It will give you an idea of their expertise in handling delicate or fragile items, and you’ll know that your belongings are in safe hands.

Check Availability

Make sure that the removalist is available on your preferred moving date. It will save you time and avoid last-minute cancellations or rescheduling.

Relax and Enjoy Your Move With These Tips and Trusted Removalist

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. By following these tips, you can make your move stress-free and enjoyable. Remember to prepare early, pack carefully, and hire a removalist you can trust. With a little planning and organisation, you’ll be on your way to your new home in no time!

If any help is needed, contact The Moving Man, one of Western Australia’s most experienced and reputable removalists. Their well-maintained vehicles, attentive staff and sensible prices will take you from step one to load out quickly and stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be Included in a Moving Checklist?

A moving checklist is a great tool to keep your moving process organised and efficient. It should include important tasks that must be completed before, during, and after the move. Some examples of items that should be included are:

  • Creating a timeline.
  • Decluttering and donating unwanted items.
  • Hiring a moving company.
  • Transferring utilities and services.
  • Packing belongings.
  • Updating your address with important institutions.

How Do I Decide What to Take When Moving?

Deciding what to take with you when moving can be a daunting task. Start by making a list of essential items that cannot be replaced. Consider donating or selling items that you no longer need or want. If you’re struggling to make decisions, create a system for categorising belongings into “keep,” “donate,” or “sell” piles.

What Is the Smartest Way to Move?

The smartest way to move is to plan ahead, clearly understand your moving timeline, and hire a reputable and reliable moving company. Start the moving process early by preparing a detailed checklist and organising your belongings. Properly pack fragile items using clean white butcher’s paper or bubble wrap. Additionally, consider investing in moving transit insurance to protect your belongings during the move.

What Should I Do With My Medical Records and My Pet Medical Records During the Move?

It’s important to keep all medical records up to date and accessible during the moving process. Consider making copies of important medical records if the originals are lost or damaged during the move. Keep them in a safe and easily accessible place during the move, such as a labelled folder in a secure bag. Additionally, don’t forget to update your contact details with your healthcare providers and emergency contacts with your new address.

How Do I Prepare My New House for the Move?

Before the move, prepare a checklist of items to do when you arrive at your new house. Some examples include: documenting any pre-existing damage, deep cleaning the house, organising your belongings as they’re unpacked, and checking that all utilities and services are working properly. If you’re moving to a new area, start researching schools and contact a local real estate agent for guidance.

What Should I Do With School Records During the Move?

School records are important to keep up to date, especially if you have school-aged children. Keep copies of school records in a safe and easily accessible place during the move. Request copies of school records from your current school and notify your child’s new school of the impending move.

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