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Keep your belongings safe with our long-term storage solutions

During unpacking, you will often find you have more belongings than will fit in your new home or office. You might think you have to sell the excess. Not so. At The Moving Man, we can help solve the storage issue.

We have close associations with a network of reliable and safe public storage facilities in Perth metropolitan and country areas. Contact us today to discuss how we can arrange secure and affordable storage for your items.

Storage options

There are different types of public storage solutions available to suit your requirements:

Moving storage company

If you have a lot of boxes or heavy furniture that need temporary removal and storage, then this option is perfect. If you aren’t physically capable or don’t have the time to move your belongings, we have the right vehicles and packing materials to get the job done efficiently.

  1. We pick up anywhere within a 1000km radius of Perth
  2. We pack safely – with specialist experience with fragile and bulky items
  3. We store your items securely with our statewide network of storage partners
  4. We then redeliver anywhere within in Western Australia.

Self-storage units

There are hundreds of self-storage sites around Western Australia – all offer units in a range of different sizes. The Moving Man has years of experience moving items into and out of storage units across the state. Choosing self-storage is the best option if you’re looking to house your items over the long term. This is also a good option if:

  1. You want convenience: Many providers run 24-hour facilities that you can visit whenever you like, often without appointment.
  2. You are moving at your own pace: Sometimes people like to take their time when they move, or they know they will be moving on again soon. Self-storage gives you more control.
  3. You are downsizing your life: It is very common for people to “declutter” when they move. Using a self-storage unit lets you trial living or working without certain items.  Learn more on what not to place in a storage rental facility

Safe transport

When you choose to move your items into storage, it usually means that you’re less involved when the moving truck unloads. Rest assured that even if you are not present to supervise, The Moving Man still guarantees the safe transport, handling and storage of your belongings.

We have all the experience that comes from moving Western Australians for more than 30 years. Further, all our work is backed by workers’ compensation and public liability insurance.

Secure storage

We are often asked if storage units are safe. We only recommend reputable and reliable storage providers. Most of the facilities have advanced methods of security such as alarms, 24-hour video surveillance and managers living onsite.


For complete peace of mind, The Moving Man has developed close associations with a range of trusted insurance providers. These are reliable contacts we have worked with for years and we are happy to pass them on to you.

Most storage facilities require you to have some kind of insurance. In most instances, a homeowner’s policy may cover you. However, if it doesn’t, your storage facility is likely to offer insurance under its own arrangements.

Chat to us about home and office storage solutions

Clearing out unused items like bicycles, stereos, craft supplies and out-of-season clothes helps open up more space for living and working. Declutter your home or office life with cost-effective storage solutions.

Contact us today for a list of our recommended storage solution providers.

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