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Keep your belongings safe with our long-term storage solutions

During the packing and unpacking stage, you often realise that you have plenty of belongings that may not fit in your new home or office. Is it time to sell? Before you consider this, The Moving Man can help. We’ll recommend reliable and safe storage facilities in the metropolitan or country areas. Contact us today to discuss our affordable public storage solutions.

There are different types of public storage solutions to suit your requirements:

  • Moving storage company

If you have a lot of boxes or heavy furniture that need removal and storage, then this option is perfect. If you aren’t physically capable or don’t have the time to move your belongings, we have the right vehicles and packing materials to get the job done efficiently.

  • Self-storage units

Self-storage units are available in different sizes. This is the best option if you’re looking at a long-term storage solution; renters can visit their units whenever they like, usually without an appointment.

Are storage units safe?

We only recommend reputable and reliable storage providers. Most of the facilities have advanced methods of security such as alarms, 24-hour video surveillance and resident management. For peace of mind, you can protect yourself and your belongings by purchasing insurance.

Most storage facilities require some type of insurance. In most instances, a homeowner’s policy may suffice but if it doesn’t, storage facilities will have insurance that can be purchased.

The Moving Man maintains close associations with several trusted insurance providers. We are happy to pass our reliable contacts on to you.

Chat to us about home and office storage solutions

Clearing out unused items like bicycles, stereos, craft supplies, and out-of-season clothes helps open up more space for living and working. Declutter your home or office life with cost-effective storage solutions.

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