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Providing excellent services for end of tenancy cleaning

Moving homes or offices can be stressful, and after packing and unpacking, the mess left is just another stress you don’t want to worry about. The good news is that with The Moving Man, you don’t have to. We offer home cleaning services to those moving in and around the Perth area. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing moving services for domestic and commercial customers.

We have many professional relationships with cleaning contractors, and we’re more than happy to recommend them to you. Contact us today for more information.


Having spent over 30 years in the moving business, The Moving Man is one of the most experienced removalists in WA. We provide the following services:

End of tenancy cleaning

The process of a move can leave your prior residence looking a little worse for wear, with scuffs on the walls, carpets full of footprints and bathrooms that probably need a good scrubbing. Fortunately, our team of domestic cleaners can help you out.

‘The Full Monty’ service

Moving is stressful. We’ve been in the moving business for over 28 years and we’ll ensure that the moving process goes off without a hitch. Try our Full Monty service, which allows you to leave for work in the morning and return to everything in its place. This service includes:

  • Moving
  • Pack/unpacking
  • Set up
  • Making beds
  • Arranging an evening meal
  • Gardening
  • House cleaning
  • Storage

You’re able to arrive home and make new memories in your home immediately.

here’s one less thing to stress about when moving. Contact us today to discuss your cleaning requirements.

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