5 tips for a seamless office relocation

5 tips for a seamless office relocation

Moving to a new office space doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s sometimes made out to be. A stress-free office move begins with good organisation, plenty of delegation, and the help of people who know exactly what they’re doing.

While the office removalists are taking care of moving the big things, there are a few things that, as an employee, you can do to make the relocation as seamless as possible. 

1. Declutter your desk before packing it away.

Think of it as a little ‘spring clean’. The perfect time to declutter, and get rid of unnecessary bits and bobs that you’ve accumulated, is right before the big office move. Shred those old documents and recycle any pens that aren’t your most reliable. Decluttering before anything else means less to pack up and less to unpack at the other end, allowing for a fresh new start in the new office. 

2. Donate anything you won’t need in the new office

No two spaces are the same, so it pays to go through your office and work out what you will and won’t need in the new space. While old stationery can be tossed, any unneeded furniture and electronics are best donated to charity organisations. There are plenty of organisations in Perth that accept your working electronics, and furniture that’s still in usable condition (see where to donate your old furniture).

3. Pack everything into categorised boxes

Keep track of where everything is during the move by packing items into categorised boxes. For example, everything from your desk drawers can go into one box marked ‘desk drawers’, while all your electronics (computers, phones, and printers) can all go in another.

4. Mark all your belongings

Not only should you mark each box so you know exactly what is packed where, but each box should be marked so removalists know where to put it at the other end. Give your new office a number (just an A4 sign on the door will do), and mark all your belongings – boxes to furniture – with the same number. Having everything in the right spot when you arrive saves a lot of time.

5. Leave the office organisation until last

Once everything is off the truck at the other end, focus on getting everything out of boxes before you attempt anything else. Plugging in computers and phones, and perfectly placing the photos of your family, can all wait until you get a feel for just how much stuff you have to find a home.

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