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Moving your business somewhere new? The process can be just as – if not more – involved than moving into a new home. There are bulky things and a huge number of boxes to move, not to mention the added pressure of closing down office operations for a few days.

Before you start packing up and getting your office on the move, have a look over our helpful checklist to get your move running as smoothly as possible.


1- Before relocating your office

Start planning early.

You can’t just wing an office move. The planning phase could take weeks or months depending on the size of your office(s). It is important to have every little thing planned so that the move runs as smoothly as possible not only for the interest of your business operations but also of your employees. The last thing you want is a mad rush to the finish line, with a lack of order and organisation.

Research the best moving company to help

Not all moving companies are experienced in office moves, so finding one that is is crucial. Make sure your moving company can run a few trucks at once, and has fine-tuned logistics skills to help you plan your office relocation before, during and after the move.

Let everyone know you are moving.

Send your clients and suppliers change of address emails. Get all your utility accounts changed over too.

Set out a plan for moving all your I.T

This is the most sensitive and time crucial part of any office move. Get all data, servers, and computers moved quickly and carefully, so normal office activity can resume as soon as possible.

Go over the floor plan of the new office and plan things out meticulously.

Designate desk spaces and offices to each company member by number, and mark out any communal spaces. Having a good plan for the new space is imperative if you want to avoid chaos at the other end.

Give staff clear instructions on packing up their space.

Remind staff to mark all their belongings – desks, monitors, boxes etc – with their allocated desk or office number. This makes unloading seamless at the other end.

Make sure both staff and removalists are familiar with the new office.

Share directions to the new office, and the new floor plan, with staff before you move.

Put signs up in the new office space so removalists and staff know where to go.

Make it easy for everyone to find their designated desk space with a large floor plan printed at  the entrance. If the office is particularly large, use signs with arrows to direct people to their assigned areas.


2-During the office move

Ensure you have ‘move managers’.

Have two people coordinating the move – one at the old office and one at the new office. Someone will need to greet the removalist truck at the new space, while the packing and loading at the old space is being supervised by someone else.

Work on moving one area at a time.

It prevents confusion and congestion at both the start and end points.


3- After relocating your business

Only start plugging everything in after everything has been unloaded and assembled.

Mucking around with computer cables while someone is trying to move a desk in is counterproductive. Once most the office has been unloaded and set up, then you can focus on getting everything connected.

Make sure all the facilities are in working order.

Check that the toilet is flushing, the ducted air conditioning is working, and all the power points are connected properly

The Moving Man has many years of experience relocating businesses and moving offices in and around Perth CBD. Find out about our office removal services.

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