11 Essential Tips to Make Moving Day A Breeze


Moving day can be daunting. There’s so much to think about, and it can feel like you’ll never be ready.

But with the right preparation, you can ensure that the moving day goes as smoothly as possible.

Here’s eleven essential tips for ensuring your move is organised and stress-free.

Tips to Make Moving Day Easier


Start Early

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. Start packing early so you don’t have to rush around the night before your move. Begin with items you don’t use regularly, such as books or out-of-season clothing, and work your way through all your belongings.

Label Your Boxes

Label boxes according to their contents, and note any fragile items that need extra care when being moved. It will help ensure that all your items reach their destination in one piece.

Get Rid Of Anything You Don’t Need

Take this opportunity to eliminate anything that no longer brings joy or has any practical use in your life. Consider donating it to charity or selling it. It will make your life easier when you don’t have to worry about packing and moving the things that don’t need to move with you.

Hire Professionals For Large Items

If you need help transporting large pieces of furniture or other bulky items, hire professional movers who specialise in this service – they know exactly how to handle heavy goods safely so that neither themselves nor anyone else gets hurt during the move.

Back-Up Your Data

Be sure to back up anything on your computer before moving; otherwise, if something goes wrong during transit, all those important documents could be lost forever!

Secure Valuables Before Transporting Them

Valuables such as jewellery should be placed into a secure box before transportation – that way, they won’t get lost amongst all the other boxes while they are being moved around!

Disconnect Your Electronics Ahead Of Time

It will save a lot of time on a moving day if everything is unplugged and ready for transport before then.

Take Photos Of Any Electronics That Have To Be Disassembled

If any electronics have to be disassembled before transportation (such as TVs), take photos beforehand so that you know exactly how each piece fits together again at the other end!

Keep Important Documents With You When Travelling

Keep spare copies of important documents when travelling from one place to another – this will be handy if anything gets lost during transit.

Pack A Bag For Moving Day

Pack a bag full of essentials for moving day – things like toiletries and snacks are always useful when you are busy unpacking everything else!

Leave Yourself Enough Time On The Day

It sounds obvious but make sure that you give yourself plenty of time on a moving day – it’s better not to rush around trying to finish things off at the last minute.

Final Thoughts

Moving day can be hectic and stressful if you’re not prepared. Following these tips ensures that everything is ready for the big day and runs smoothly.

If you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you with your move and relieve some of the stress of your moving day.

About the Moving Man

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From the first box until the final load – and all points in between – the Moving Man is here to help you whether your move is residential or business. If you need assistance organising storage and insurance or packing your possessions, stock or equipment, give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do on Moving Day?

Moving day is a busy and stressful time, but with careful planning and organisation, it can also be exciting. Before the big day arrives, ensure you have all the boxes packed and labelled so you can easily find them in the new house. On the day of your move, hire a moving truck or van to help save money. Once they have unloaded all your belongings, leave some time to settle into your new home before spending your first night there.

What Should I Prepare for a Moving Day?

To prepare for moving day, it makes sense to update family members, friends and official institutions of your old address and new address ahead of time so they can easily transfer their services to you. Additionally, if you haven’t done so, make sure you draw out a floor plan at your new home so that everything is placed where it makes sense during the move-in process.

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