How to move house during COVID-19

As the restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic start to relax across Australia, people are starting to prepare to move into new homes and return to their normal activities. For some people, moving home has been an unavoidable necessity.

With the current stay-at-home advice making it easier for everyone to sort through and pack up their belongings, moving house can still be a stressful, tedious and time-consuming process.

Removalists continue to be classified by the federal government as an essential service (under transport and logistics). If you’re considering a change of location and are looking to move house, you can take the stress out of moving by relying on the trusted team at The Moving Man.

Whether you’re beginning to make your moving plans, or if you’re almost there but need to be sure you’ve covered everything, this guide will tell you what you need to know about moving in these new times.

Book in advance

As restrictions have eased over the past three weeks, the demand for removal services has increased substantially. Whether your move is happening sooner or later, it’s best to book in advance. We’ll help you coordinate your booking to ensure you have plenty of time to organise and make your move as stress-free as possible.

Use new boxes

Eased restrictions does not mean that the pandemic and risk of infection is over. Scientists and health organisations are still investigating the lifespan of coronavirus on different materials and surfaces.

If you’re packing your belongings on your own, use fresh, unused boxes. By using new boxes, instead of recycling used packing boxes, you’ll be reducing your exposure and infection risk to COVID-19.

Choose a reputable company

Each business and essential service across the country is following specific hygiene and cleaning guidelines from federal and state governments. This includes following rules, such as social distancing, and higher standards (including frequency) of cleaning.

At The Moving Man, we follow the recommended guidelines to combating the spread of COVID-19, including keeping boxes and packing materials free from any possible contamination. We’re keeping ourselves updated on any changes to restrictions and safety requirements, ensuring your peace of mind in the moving process by putting your safety front and centre of our business.

If you’re not sure about the specific hygiene practices your removalist is following, be sure to ask them for this information prior to booking their services.

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With regional restrictions being lifted, is now the best time to make your move?

Life in Western Australia has changed dramatically since the outbreak of Covid-19 across the country, with new government restrictions and advice coming in almost daily.

Luckily, it seems that we are seeing the light at the end of a very long tunnel with new advice coming from the WA state government recently, with the announcement of the state moving into Phase 2 of the four-phase Covid-19 Roadmap that will help Western Australians get back to life as normal, or as normal as it can be!

What restrictions have there been on moving house?

While removalists services like ours have been deemed as an essential service under Freight and Logistics definitions by each State Government and have been able to operate through the duration of the pandemic, fears of the virus and limitations on travel have understandably encouraged people to delay their move.

The WA regional travel restrictions during Phase 1 of the WA Roadmap meant that while removalists were exempt from restrictions, residents moving between regions needed to apply for a travel permit, which added an additional barrier for people.

As of Monday, May 18th, some of these restrictions for residents have been lifted as the state moves into Phase 2 of the Roadmap.

The strict regional travel restrictions have been softened somewhat, so that you can now travel to your “neighbouring regions”, with travel allowed between:

So if you’re moving to your new home within these newly expanded regions, i.e. if you are moving from Perth to Busselton for example, you can do so without needing to apply for a permit.

What effect will relaxing the Covid-19 restrictions have on moving house?

More restrictions will be lifted as we move through the different phases of the Roadmap, and while we are in Phase 2 from May 18th, there are still details being confirmed for what Phase 3 will look like, which is estimated to come into effect 4 weeks after Phase 2.

While the details are still being confirmed for the remainder of the Roadmap, we anticipate there will be an influx of move requests coming in around June and July, due to lifted and relaxed restrictions. If you are planning to move during this time, we suggest booking in early to avoid disappointment and delays.

Moving during Covid-19 FAQs

Do I need a permit to move between regions?

As mentioned, while the regions have been expanded with Phase 2 of the Roadmap, you – as a resident – will still need a permit if you are traveling from, for example, the Perth Metro region to the Pilbara. You can apply for a permit and learn more here. The Moving Man as an essential service provider will still be able to operate as previously.

Will I need to self-isolate once I have moved into my new home?

No, as long as you are moving within WA, you will not need to self-isolate, even if you are moving between regions.

Do I have to pack my own things?

It’s up to you! If you feel safer packing yourself, you are more than welcome to, however we are still offering this service and will still apply strict health and safety measures to ensure you and your family’s safety and hygiene.

Will there be any delays on my move?

As removalists have been deemed as an essential service, there are no restrictions to stop us from working. However, delays may come from restrictions from moving across regions and although most permits are approved within 24 hours, it would be prudent to factor any time delays due to permits you need into your plans.

So if you are ready to make your move in country WA or if you have any other questions, The Moving Man is happy to help! We have over 30 years of experience in moving WA families to their dream home and would love to help you with your move. Get in touch with us today!

Why is The Moving Man the best local choice for your move?

We’re just like you, local West Australians and proud of it. We have served the WA community for over 32 years and in that time have helped thousands of happy customers make the move into their dream place. When you let us help you make your move, you are supporting a local, family-owned and operated business, plus you are allowing us to give back to the community we love through our range of sponsorships for both local and worldwide charities.

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The best furniture removalists in Western Australia
Should you trust Product Review?
Have you got questions about moving? We have all your answers!
How much does a removal normally cost?
What makes The Moving Man pricing so competitive?
What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?
Is there a particular aspect of the moving industry that The Moving Man specialise in?
Have you used The Moving Man? Let us know how we did!

The best furniture removalists in Western Australia

While we are very proud of the great work that we do at The Moving Man, we aren’t ones to toot our own horn, so why not let other people do it for us? We were listed on HandymanReviewed and we are the top-rated furniture removalist in Western Australia, with an average rating of 5 stars on Product Review from over 281 verified reviews from happy customers all over Western Australia.

Here are some of the recent reviews we are most proud of:

The Moving Man Product Review 3

The Moving Man Product Review 2

The Moving Man Product Review 1

Should you trust Product Review?

Product Review is the #1 website that people go to research companies, as they ensure all of their reviews are verified and accurate. Companies cannot remove or alter reviews about them, so you can be assured that every review is 100% the customer’s honest opinion of their experience with the company.

Product Review

Have you got questions about moving? We have all your answers!

No matter how organised you might be, moving is generally a very stressful time, so we understand that you will have a fair few questions for us! We have put together a couple of our most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choices for your move:

How much does a removal normally cost?

It always depends on the size and scale of the move, but most of our jobs are charged at an hourly rate, and we will always be able to give an accurate estimate to help with your budgeting. If you need a fixed quote for your moving job, we’re happy to provide one of those too.

What makes The Moving Man pricing so competitive?

Because we’ve been in business for over 32 years, we know how to avoid all the little mistakes that can add up to cause big issues, resulting in missed deadlines and higher costs.

We do things the right way, the first time to get the right results, and that’s why we have so many great customer reviews.

Our prices reflect this level of quality and service, yet are still competitive because of our dedicated staff and their level of expertise.

What are the typical things that you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

There are few basic details we need to be able to give you a price estimate, such as:

Armed with that information, we can then give you an estimate of costs or a fixed quote if required, as well as an accurate time-line for your move.

Is there a particular aspect of the moving industry that The Moving Man specialise in?

At The Moving Man, we pride ourselves in giving you personalised and tailored service. We specialise in residential and commercial moves throughout Perth and the wider WA, including city to country-town moves and vice-versa, navigating through the Perth hills and inner-city relocations. We are a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs, from packing your most precious possessions, to the actual move, and finally ensuring all of your items arrive safely in your new home.

Have you used The Moving Man? Let us know what you thought of the job!

Whether it’s a lovely compliment about our work or something that we can improve on, we love feedback! We love reviews and testimonials, whether you prefer to use Product Review, Facebook or Google Reviews, let us know how your experience was!

To read some reviews of The Moving Man from our past customers, click here.

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The 5 best rural towns in WA to move to

Are you planning a tree change? Or a sea change? Or… any kind of change, as long as it gets you out of Perth? There might be a whole host of reasons that you may want to get out of the city; better work opportunities, cheaper housing, or maybe you just crave fresh air and a bit of serenity. Whatever your reason, we have put together the 5 top regional towns to move to if you are looking for a slice of country life.

Margaret River

For those dreaming of a sea-change, why not make the move down south to Margaret River? Margaret River, or ‘Margs’ as the locals like to call it was named the state’s best country town for its stunning beaches, wine region, diversity and quality of life in a survey by The Demographics Group in 2018.

It’s the perfect place for younger families to make the move as the town’s median age is 36 and has a low unemployment rate of 5.1%, which is lower than both the state and national average. Speaking of employment, wine is a big employer in the Margaret River area, and a huge source of entertainment as well, so if you are a wine-lover, this place should be #1 on your list!


Geraldton is located about 4 and a half hours north of Perth and, while technically is a city, still retains a lot of that coastal town feel that makes it such a top tourism destination.

One of the major drawcards for those looking to move to Geraldton is its relatively low house prices, with a median house price of only $245,000! The block sizes are much bigger up North as well, a quick scan of REIWA has the average block size being around 800m2, no tiny blocks here!

Plus, according to REIWA, Geraldton has a 20% growth rate which is positive news for those looking to invest.

For those looking for a change in employment as well as scenery, major industrial and mining projects in Geraldton provide good employment for locals and FIFO workers, whereas the broader Mid-West region’s economy relies on tourism, fishing, agriculture and mining.

Another big tick for Geraldton is the lifestyle it offers, with all year-round fishing, diving and water activities, heaps of shopping options, historical heritage and a vibrant arts and cultural scene. So, if you are looking for a country lifestyle without having to give up the beach, Geraldton is the place for you!


Located 100 kilometres north-east of Perth in the Wheatbelt region, Northam is famous for the Avon River and its pedestrian foot bridge which is actually the longest bridge of its kind in Australia! It’s also WA’s home of the white swan, which was introduced from England back in the mid 1800’s. As Northam is the largest town in the area, the surrounding Farming communities (primarily producing wheat, barley, oats, sheep, wool and cattle) use Northam for their everyday banking, shopping and government servicing requirements.

In 2011, Northam was identified as one of nine ‘SuperTowns’ by the Department of Regional Development and Lands under the Royalties for Regions, Region Centres Development Plan, which gave them access to specialised funding for transformational projects within the town. Current shire planning has this money invested into the Avon river revitalisation and riverfront development project and the Avon health and emergency services precinct which will not only improve the town, but will develop a range of job opportunities that cater to the area’s diverse population.

The area surrounding Northam has many natural tourist attractions with rolling hills, riverine valley, and tracks of forest reserves making it the ideal location for those looking for a slice of country life without giving up modern conveniences, due to it’s relative proximity to Perth. Houses and blocks are also a bargain with the median house price sitting at $181,000 and the Median land price at $33,000 for those that want to build their dream home in the Avon Valley.


Next on the list is Chidlow in the heart of the Darling Range. While only technically about a 50 minute drive from Perth, we have included it as it is like a little country town within the greater Perth area.  Couples with children make up the most of the roughly 1,880 people that live in Mundaring, and it is surrounded by stunning walking and cycling trails, spectacular state forest and national parks, and nearby Lake Leschenaultia making the location perfect for active families.

The median house price is the highest of our list at $440,000 but that is mainly due to its proximity to Perth, along with all of the conveniences of the big city. If you are looking for that small town charm within an hours drive of Perth, you need to check out Chidlow!


The last town on our list is the furthest away from Perth, 720 kilometres away to be exact!

Esperance has low unemployment, hovering around the 5% mark which is good news for those looking for a career change as well! Tourism is a big growth industry in Esperance with visitor numbers continuing to increase each year, thanks to the stunning and numerous beaches that offer scuba diving, surfing and fishing. There are five stunning national parks near Esperance including the Cape Le Grand National Park, which boasts a stunning coast of granite terrain and sheltered white-sand beaches. Esperance’s spectacular natural beauty makes it the ideal location for people who want to move out of the city and enjoy a slower pace of life. But don’t just take our word for it! Esperance was voted #2 in the “100 best towns in Australia” feature by Australia Traveller. While this was back in 2009, we think the town has only gotten better since! Why not see it for yourself?

Make your move with The Moving Man

So whether you decide to relocate to one of our favourite rural towns in Western Australia, or you decide to move elsewhere in this amazing state of ours, why not make the move easy with The Moving Man? The Moving Man has over 30 years of experience in long-distance removals, so to see how easy we can make moving into your dream home, get in touch with us today!

10 Packing Hacks That Make Moving House That Much Easier

There are endless other things more enjoyable than packing up your life into boxes and moving house. It is long and tiring, and we haven’t even got to the unpacking part yet. Next time you have to get everything into boxes and head off on a new adventure, remember these 10 packing tricks and we promise it will make the task a lot more bearable.

1. Use the move to go Marie Kondo on your belongings

The biggest and best declutter is always done at moving time. The realisation that you have a lot more stuff than you want to move is always the best motivation for a clean out. Plus, packing up items you are probably just going to put away in a new cupboard, never to be seen again, is a big waste of time, energy and packing space.

The most efficient way to declutter – as Marie Kondo would say – is to declutter by category, rather than by room. Systematically go through your clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items and sentimental items, hold on to only the things that speak to you, and pop the things that no longer ‘spark joy’ in to a box destined for the donations bin.

2. Take plenty of photos

You can’t rely solely on memory to get everything moved in and reassembled the way they should be. Before you disassemble and pack up some of your more complex furniture or that intricate hi-fi system, take photos of them. Take photos of where the wires all go, how things slot together and what the final product should look like. Don’t forget to take photos of your new place either – having the rough size and layout of the rooms on hand makes moving things in a lot easier, especially if you are moving into a smaller space.

3. Clean your belongings before you pack them up 

Moving isn’t just the perfect time to declutter, it’s also the perfect time to give your furniture and appliances a bit of a spring clean. Before putting your things into a box, give them a bit of TLC and a once over with some cleaning spray to remove dust and grime. Only once they are in tip top shape and the risk of spreading any grime is gone, pack them up. You will thank yourself at the other end because all you have to do is unpack, install and get to using. 

4. Keep clothes on hangers and in their drawers

Why make more work for yourself when your clothes can be moved exactly the way they are? You don’t need to find a box, suitcase or bag to put clothing in when your drawers essentially do the same job. Just pull them out and load them in your car.

For anything that is hanging, just pop a bin bag over top a group of hangers and tie it up at the top or bottom. Voila, you are packed! Then, when you get to the other end, it is as simple as sliding drawers in to place, and pulling bin bags off and hanging straight in the wardrobe.

5. Keep a list of what you put into each box 

Keeping tabs of everything that gets put into each box takes a fraction more time, but you will be glad you kept track when you get to the other end. Having a good idea of what is in each box helps you to drop them in the right room; and knowing exactly where to go for what makes unpacking that much easier. Just tape a sheet of paper to the side of the box and update the list as you go.

6. Colour code your boxes

Take your box content lists one step further and colour code your boxes. Pick out some different washi tapes and stick them onto your boxes, using one print to correspond to each room of the house. Then, when you get to the new home, stick the same printed tape on the door or wall so that you and anyone else helping to shift boxes knows exactly where they need to put them down. 

7. Pack an ‘essentials’ box

Moving in rarely takes just one day – and if it does, our hat goes off to you. For the rest of us who never get to unpacking as quickly as hoped, it is always smart to keep all your essentials packed in to one easily accessible box or suitcase. Think of it like you are going on a camping trip. Pack your toiletries, chargers, some toilet paper and a change of clothes. Anything that you are going to need over 2 days to get on with your day. Even popping things like bin bags, plates and cutlery, sponges and cleaning spray in there is a good idea.

8. Tape your screws, nuts and bolts to your furniture

It sounds silly, but envelopes and sandwich bags will become your best friends in a move. They are perfect for keeping smaller bits and bobs all sealed up in the one spot. Tape them to a section of your unassembled furniture so you can keep all the essential screws and allen keys right there with the furniture it belongs to. To make doubly sure you know what belongs where, label each little pocket just in case things become unattached in transit.

9. Use any and all the space you can find

Space is a premium when packing – don’t take it for granted! Use the space in your pots and pans to store smaller kitchen items, and stuff your shoes with your trinket boxes or delicate makeup compacts. You can even use your clothing and soft furnishings as padding for your valuables. The more you utilise the items you are already packing, the less boxes you will need.

10. Pack your breakables vertically 

You might stack your plates one on top of the other in the kitchen, but packing them away like this for a move is likely to end in heartbreak. Basically, the more surface area that is open to force, the bigger the chance that there will be a break. To minimise the risk of breakage, pack any larger, delicate items – mirrors, plates, picture frames – into boxes like you were stacking the dish rack. Keep everything horizontal and separated with padding. 

Don’t forget to tape a cross onto your larger mirrors and frames for extra protection against shattering.

And there you have it, 10 packing hacks to make your next move even easier. If you have any clever tips and tricks you swear by, let us know!

The Moving Man has many years of experience relocating businesses and moving offices in and around Perth CBD. Find out about our home removal services.

5 tips for a seamless office relocation

Moving to a new office space doesn’t have to be as hard as it’s sometimes made out to be. A stress-free office move begins with good organisation, plenty of delegation, and the help of people who know exactly what they’re doing.

While the office removalists are taking care of moving the big things, there are a few things that, as an employee, you can do to make the relocation as seamless as possible. 

1. Declutter your desk before packing it away.

Think of it as a little ‘spring clean’. The perfect time to declutter, and get rid of unnecessary bits and bobs that you’ve accumulated, is right before the big office move. Shred those old documents and recycle any pens that aren’t your most reliable. Decluttering before anything else means less to pack up and less to unpack at the other end, allowing for a fresh new start in the new office. 

2. Donate anything you won’t need in the new office

No two spaces are the same, so it pays to go through your office and work out what you will and won’t need in the new space. While old stationery can be tossed, any unneeded furniture and electronics are best donated to charity organisations. There are plenty of organisations in Perth that accept your working electronics, and furniture that’s still in usable condition (see where to donate your old furniture).

3. Pack everything into categorised boxes

Keep track of where everything is during the move by packing items into categorised boxes. For example, everything from your desk drawers can go into one box marked ‘desk drawers’, while all your electronics (computers, phones, and printers) can all go in another.

4. Mark all your belongings

Not only should you mark each box so you know exactly what is packed where, but each box should be marked so removalists know where to put it at the other end. Give your new office a number (just an A4 sign on the door will do), and mark all your belongings – boxes to furniture – with the same number. Having everything in the right spot when you arrive saves a lot of time.

5. Leave the office organisation until last

Once everything is off the truck at the other end, focus on getting everything out of boxes before you attempt anything else. Plugging in computers and phones, and perfectly placing the photos of your family, can all wait until you get a feel for just how much stuff you have to find a home.

The Moving Man has many years of experience relocating businesses and moving offices in and around Perth CBD. Find out about our office removalist services.

Moving to Bunbury: Where the city meets the sea

Do you want to enjoy peaceful, sea-side living, but aren’t quite ready to give up the conveniences of city life? Bunbury is the perfect location for you! If you are considering moving to Bunbury, let us help make up your mind with some of the top benefits of living in this stunning seaside city.


Bunbury is located less than 2 hours from Perth and is situated along the coast. The city is surrounded by farmland and you can drive just minutes from the city centre to soak up the country air, or if looking for a day on the beach, Bunbury is an aquatic wonderland, with plenty of sandy white beaches to choose from.

It is also located right next to two wine regions, the Geographe Wine Region encompasses the majority of the area surrounding Bunbury, and boasts over 30 small, family-run wineries. This wine region includes Ferguson Valley which offers many award-winning restaurants and eateries as well the famous Gnomesville, which is well worth a visit! Blackwood Valley Wine region is located on the outskirts of Balingup and Boyup Brook, and is home to 19 wine producers and 50 vineyards!


Did you know that Bunbury is actually soon to be home to the world’s largest lithium mine? While it’s technically located in Greenbushes, which is not far from Bunbury, the $1 billion expansion of this mine is set to create about 1,000 new jobs during its construction and operation, which is great news for FIFO workers looking to give up the FIFO lifestyle and settle in one place!


Bunbury offers a great lifestyle for city-slickers who want a little bit of country charm. It boasts a huge choice of parks, shops and amenities and is even home to WA’s only 24 hour Kmart! Some of the other unique things on offer in Bunbury include:

Bunbury also offers a range of primary and secondary schools, and even has an ECU campus for those who wish to study Engineering, health or education amongst other courses on offer!


Bunbury offers a whole range of entertainment options for residents and tourists alike! The world-class Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre plays host to a huge number of local and international shows, comedians and concerts every year, while local pub Prince of Wales Hotel is a great venue for those who love live music. And speaking of live music, the Grooving the Moo annual music festival has it’s WA home in Bunbury as well!

Make your next move an easy one

So if you are looking to move to Bunbury, make sure you check out our ultimate checklist of moving down south, or why not leave all the hassle to the experts, by getting The Moving Man to do all the hard work for you!

The Moving Man has over three decades’ experience in long-distance removals, get in touch today to see how easy we can make moving into your dream home!

Dreaming of a sea-change? You belong in Busselton!

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life in Perth, then why not head down south? No, we aren’t talking about for the Easter break of even just a long weekend, why not move to what has been nominated 8th best sea-change town in all of Australia, Busselton?

You’ve probably visited this sea-side spot on holidays, or even as a pit-stop on your way to other tourism hotspots like Yallingup or Margaret River, but there is more to Busselton then just nice beaches and a long jetty! Read on to find out some of the best things about living in Busso (as the locals like to call it!).

But first, a little bit of history. Busselton got its start in life as a trading post for the thriving timber industry in the region, before becoming a top tourism spot for vacationers from all over the country, thanks to its stunning beaches and great location. Busselton was officially proclaimed a city in 2012 and has an approximate population of 38,000 people.

Located only 2 hours from Perth

Busselton is located only 220km (or just about 2 hours) from Perth and sits at the entry to the Margaret River Wine Region, meaning that world-class wineries and restaurants are just a short drive away. Even more, the brand new Busselton-Margaret River airport is set to open soon with passenger services scheduled to start next year. You can even fly to Melbourne direct, without having to drive to Perth first!

Home to beautiful beaches and Jetty

Okay, we know we said there was more to living in Busselton than this, but you can’t argue with how stunning Busselton beaches are, or how photogenic the stunning Busselton Jetty is! Busselton is a top tourist destination for a reason, after all! But of course, with gorgeous sunny days come the inevitable tourists. Any Busselton local will tell you that Easter and Christmas are the worst times to be living in Busselton as tourists descend on the down-south city. Some of the main gripes as reported by locals are busy beaches, no parking in town and crazy traffic moving in and out of the city, but those are all a small price to pay when you get to live in a sea-side paradise for the rest of the time!

Amazing events and festivals all year round

Busselton’s official tagline is the “Events Capital of WA’. While this might seem like a stretch to Perth-ians, you can’t argue with the facts! Busselton is the proud host of sporting, arts and gourmet events like the Ironman Triathlon, CinefestOz, The Festival of Busselton, the Busselton Jetty Swim, South West Craft Beer Festival and Forest Rally, just to name a few! Plus, there are a range of family-friendly regular events like markets, community concerts, and of course the annual Busselton show.

Offers an unbeatable lifestyle

Busselton has a very laid-back lifestyle, and is a popular place for families and retirees. The median house price is only $387,000 (as calculated by Reiwa) and so is also a popular choice for those looking to enter the housing market. There are several new land estates opening in the Busselton region, so you could build your dream house from scratch, or if you want to live closer to the beach, you can invest in an established home.

Busselton offers a range of education options including two public and three private high schools and several options for primary school and early education, as well as TAFE facilities.

While many school leavers do need to bid adieu to Busselton in search of a university education, more and more of them are following the trend of moving back to small towns like Busselton in search of greater work-life balance and a more affordable lifestyle.

Make your next move an easy one with The Moving Man

So, if we have tempted you into moving to Busselton for your own sea-change, why not check out our article on the ultimate checklist of moving down south, or to make your move even easier, why not let us do all the work? 

The Moving Man has over 30 years of experience in long-distance removals and  helping families move in their dream location. Get in touch today to find out how we can make your sea-change dreams a reality!

Moving to Joondalup

Are you planning to move? If you have never lived north of the river, maybe you should consider making the move to Joondalup.

Joondalup is considered the metropolitan hub of the northern suburbs, and it’s not hard to see why. It offers heaps of shopping, dining and entertainment options, and surrounded by stunning parks, lakes and not far from stunning Perth beaches; there are lots of reasons to consider moving on up to Joondalup!

If you need a little bit of an extra nudge before you start packing, though here are a few of our favourite things about Joondalup.


You can enjoy your dream outdoor lifestyle so easily when you live in Joondalup. Not only are there amazing beaches just a stone’s throw away, but you are also literally next-door to the gorgeous Lake Joondalup Reserve which is surrounded by bike paths, perfect for an active day out with the family or a relaxing lakeside stroll with your dog.

Some of the stunning beaches near Joondalup include Mullaloo Beach, Iluka Beach and Burns Beach, so you can take your pick next time the weather hits 30 degrees.

If you are into boating and fishing, then Ocean Reef Harbour will be your go-to spot on the weekend, and it’s only a 10-minute drive from the centre of town.


Joondalup offers a huge choice of dining and entertainment options, and if you like shopping, it is home to the 2nd largest shopping centre in the state! The City of Joondalup also works hard to provide heaps of fun (and mostly free) events for residents and visitors, the biggest being the Joondalup Festival which is an annual, 3-day art and culture event that offers something for everyone!


As mentioned, Joondalup is in a great location surrounded by the natural beauty of lakes, parks and beaches. But you don’t have to be very far from Perth CBD to enjoy north/side living!

Joondalup is located less than 30 minutes by car from Perth CBD and is very well connected by public transport, with a dedicated train station in the centre of town, offering an easy commute if you work in the CBD. 

There are also a huge selection of homes available within Joondaluop, whether you are looking for a beach-side getaway, a brand new house and land package or a family home overlooking a park; with over 500+ homes currently available* in the suburb, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Make your move, the easy way!

So if you are ready to experience everything living in Joondalup has to offer, or if you are looking to move to one of these other great Perth suburbs, save yourself the stress of moving and leave all of the hard work to the experts!

The Moving Man has over three decades of experience in helping families move into their dream home, they can take the hassle of out moving and can even help you pack!

Get in touch with Gordon Crawford and his friendly team today for a home removal quote!

*At time of writing.

5 best things about moving to Fremantle

Have you dreamed of living close to the beach? Or are you looking for a place where a range of amazing cafés and bars are within walking distance? Or maybe you are looking to move somewhere that has a lot of family-friendly activities to do with the kids… well, you can stop looking because Fremantle sounds like the perfect suburb for you!

One of the first things you need to decide if you are thinking about moving to Fremantle is where you’d like to live. There is a HUGE variety of housing options between different parts of Fremantle, from apartments to townhouses, to heritage-style workers cottages. The price differences between the different parts of Fremantle is incredibly varied, and all quite high compared to the average median house price in Perth, but you know, moving to a city named by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top 10 cities to visit is not for everyone!

Here are our 5 favourite things about living in Fremantle.

Food, glorious food

One of the best-known areas of Fremantle is the thriving cappuccino strip in the town centre, boasting an abundance of cafes, restaurants and bars. Another popular choice for families is Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour which offers heaps of fish and chips restaurants, right next to the stunning bathers Bay Beach, perfect for a Sunday afternoon lunch!

George Street in East Fremantle is another foodie hub in Fremantle and has a wide offering of cafes, bars and restaurants, and North Fremantle also offers a wide range of dining options.

Of course, these foodie meccas are all quite well-known, so you will need to deal with busy crowds on weekends and tourist during summer and school holidays. But if you can deal with that, then the only thing you might need to worry about is where to eat first!

I love the nightlife

Fremantle is very popular as an entertainment precinct, with a huge range of bars, nightclubs and live music options to choose from. If you are someone that loves being close to where the action is, then living close to Central Fremantle would be perfect for you… think about all the money you would save on Ubers if you could just walk home after a night out!

Of course, if you have a young family, then you may want to stay out of the central areas and move into the outer Fremantle areas like East Fremantle, North Fremantle or South Fremantle.

Back to school

If you have kids, then education options are something you always need to consider when looking to move to a new suburb. The greater area of Fremantle has a huge range of public, private and specialty schools to choose from as well as a TAFE campus and The University of Notre Dame for those with older children.

I like to move it, move it

If you like to get active then you’ll love living in Fremantle, there are heaps of foot and cycle paths that you can use to explore the suburbs, or enjoy walking along the river or beach on the weekends.

There are also a huge range of sporting clubs and facilities on offer, from swimming lessons, sailing, football, netball, dancing, soccer, tennis, lawn bowls, athletics… there is something for everyone! Plus, if you have a skater boy or scooter girl in your family, then the Fremantle skate park is where you need to be! This world-class skate park and parkour park is a great spot for your kids to work on their kick-flips and jumps while you relax on the grass with a coffee.

Getting back to nature

One of the best parts about living in Fremantle HAS to be living close to the beautiful beaches and the stunning Swan River! And if that wasn’t enough, Fremantle has over 70 parks and reserves including native bushland, beach parks and sporting reserves. Some of our favourites are Esplanade Reserve, Fremantle Park, Horrie Long Reserve, Booyeembara Park and Wilson Park.

Make your move… with a little help

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