5 essential things to do after moving into a new house

Things to do before moving into new house

You’ve signed the paperwork and now you and your belongings are on the move. Congratulations!

Before you get all settled in to your new home, there are a few things that you need to get checked off the list in preparation. Once you have made your way through the list of essentials below, you can sit back, relax and enjoy being in your new home!

Inspect the house thoroughly

Before you get to unpacking the moving van or truck, go around the house while it is still empty and inspect it thoroughly. If it is a rental, carry the property condition report around with you to make notes if you spot something that isn’t documented. If you have purchased the home, it pays to tend to the issues that you spot immediately, as well as make some notes on the things that might need some TLC later down the track.


No matter how thoroughly the house has been cleaned after the previous tenants vacated, there will always be something that you will want to give a once over yourself. Plus, things get a bit grubby when you are bringing boxes and furniture in and out of the house. Make sure you bring some surface cleaner and sponges with you for any dusty or grimy spots, as well as a broom, mop, bucket and some floor cleaner too. Some bags for your rubbish and recycling wouldn’t go astray either.

Get some spare keys cut

As soon as you get your keys to the new house, go and get them replicated. The last thing you need is to be locked out of your house during your first few weeks of settling in. It is an expensive exercise getting the locksmith out, and after a move, that sort of bill is the last thing you need. Keep a spare key to hide somewhere safe, and hand a set over to a nearby friend or relative.

Get yourself organised

Moving is exhausting. Once you have unboxed the essentials, it is easy to leave the laborious task of unpacking there. To make sure you keep yourself motivated to get everything in its new place, fill in an ‘unpacking calendar’. Prioritise what needs to be unpacked first, and then note down dates that certain boxes, rooms or items need to be unpacked by. Holding yourself accountable helps get the job done!

Familiarise yourself with the location of all your utilities

Save yourself the inconvenience of scouring the outside of the house under torchlight when you can’t get hot water in the shower, by familiarising yourself with the location of all your utilities when you first move in.

While it is light out, find where the fuse box, water and gas are. Don’t forget to inspect them while you are there too, just so you know if anything needs attention, and you how they work in the event something goes wrong.

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