4 Rules for a Stress-Free Move

4 Rules for a Stress-Free Move

Moving house is widely acknowledged as one of life’s more stressful experiences. It’s so notoriously stressful that 60% of Australians aged 14+ have avoided a move and remained at their current address for 5 or more years (Roy Morgan 2016). 

Not only is moving to a new area daunting, but added time and financial constraints don’t make a move any easier. If you’re faced with the process of moving home, try following these 4 rules to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The number one trick to a stress-free move is planning. You can never be too organised.

Before moving day, sit down and research all there is to know about your new neighbourhood, from how best to get there, to where the closest grocery store is. Then, make a list of all the essential services – gas, water, electricity, internet etc – you will need to notify of your move. Knowing exactly who you have to contact and how much time is needed to connect all your services helps alleviate some of the stress of moving.

It’s also handy to write a timeline for your move, including a list of what to pack and when. This prevents a last minute packing panic, and allows you to stage your pack based on what you access the most. While you’re packing, don’t forget to keep lists of exactly what is in each box, and number the boxes according to which room they belong in the house.

Declutter, recycle, and donate

Spend some time doing a spring clean before your big move. Go through all your belongings and work out what you’re taking with you to your new home, what you’re donating, what you’re recycling, and what you’re tossing. Going through this process before the move means less to pack, less to move, and a fresh, less-cluttered start at the other end.

Accept help from others

Moving is a huge task that’s best tackled with more than just two hands. Avoid a more stressful move by accepting help from those around you; and don’t be afraid to ask for help either.

You’ll often find that there’s someone who’s willing to help you pack boxes or clean. Help might even come in the form of babysitting offers from family and friends, or school pick ups.

Whatever the offered assistance, don’t be afraid to take it up because every little bit helps!

Use professional removalists

When receiving help from others is not an option, enlist the help of professionals to help keep you focused on the task at hand (moving, obviously). Why worry about finding the time to scrub the oven when you can hire cleaners to do a thorough vacate clean on your property?

The Moving Man can also dial down the stress of moving by having your groceries delivered to the door of your new house, pre-ordering/pre-purchasing ready made meal packs for around moving time, and profesionally pack your belongings.

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