10 Packing Hacks That Make Moving House That Much Easier

10 Packing Hacks That Make Moving House That Much Easier-

There are endless other things more enjoyable than packing up your life into boxes and moving house. It is long and tiring, and we haven’t even got to the unpacking part yet. Next time you have to get everything into boxes and head off on a new adventure, remember these 10 packing tricks and we promise it will make the task a lot more bearable.

1. Use the move to go Marie Kondo on your belongings

The biggest and best declutter is always done at moving time. The realisation that you have a lot more stuff than you want to move is always the best motivation for a clean out. Plus, packing up items you are probably just going to put away in a new cupboard, never to be seen again, is a big waste of time, energy and packing space.

The most efficient way to declutter – as Marie Kondo would say – is to declutter by category, rather than by room. Systematically go through your clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous items and sentimental items, hold on to only the things that speak to you, and pop the things that no longer ‘spark joy’ in to a box destined for the donations bin.

2. Take plenty of photos

You can’t rely solely on memory to get everything moved in and reassembled the way they should be. Before you disassemble and pack up some of your more complex furniture or that intricate hi-fi system, take photos of them. Take photos of where the wires all go, how things slot together and what the final product should look like. Don’t forget to take photos of your new place either – having the rough size and layout of the rooms on hand makes moving things in a lot easier, especially if you are moving into a smaller space.

3. Clean your belongings before you pack them up 

Moving isn’t just the perfect time to declutter, it’s also the perfect time to give your furniture and appliances a bit of a spring clean. Before putting your things into a box, give them a bit of TLC and a once over with some cleaning spray to remove dust and grime. Only once they are in tip top shape and the risk of spreading any grime is gone, pack them up. You will thank yourself at the other end because all you have to do is unpack, install and get to using. 

4. Keep clothes on hangers and in their drawers

Why make more work for yourself when your clothes can be moved exactly the way they are? You don’t need to find a box, suitcase or bag to put clothing in when your drawers essentially do the same job. Just pull them out and load them in your car.

For anything that is hanging, just pop a bin bag over top a group of hangers and tie it up at the top or bottom. Voila, you are packed! Then, when you get to the other end, it is as simple as sliding drawers in to place, and pulling bin bags off and hanging straight in the wardrobe.

5. Keep a list of what you put into each box 

Keeping tabs of everything that gets put into each box takes a fraction more time, but you will be glad you kept track when you get to the other end. Having a good idea of what is in each box helps you to drop them in the right room; and knowing exactly where to go for what makes unpacking that much easier. Just tape a sheet of paper to the side of the box and update the list as you go.

6. Colour code your boxes

Take your box content lists one step further and colour code your boxes. Pick out some different washi tapes and stick them onto your boxes, using one print to correspond to each room of the house. Then, when you get to the new home, stick the same printed tape on the door or wall so that you and anyone else helping to shift boxes knows exactly where they need to put them down. 

7. Pack an ‘essentials’ box

Moving in rarely takes just one day – and if it does, our hat goes off to you. For the rest of us who never get to unpacking as quickly as hoped, it is always smart to keep all your essentials packed in to one easily accessible box or suitcase. Think of it like you are going on a camping trip. Pack your toiletries, chargers, some toilet paper and a change of clothes. Anything that you are going to need over 2 days to get on with your day. Even popping things like bin bags, plates and cutlery, sponges and cleaning spray in there is a good idea.

8. Tape your screws, nuts and bolts to your furniture

It sounds silly, but envelopes and sandwich bags will become your best friends in a move. They are perfect for keeping smaller bits and bobs all sealed up in the one spot. Tape them to a section of your unassembled furniture so you can keep all the essential screws and allen keys right there with the furniture it belongs to. To make doubly sure you know what belongs where, label each little pocket just in case things become unattached in transit.

9. Use any and all the space you can find

Space is a premium when packing – don’t take it for granted! Use the space in your pots and pans to store smaller kitchen items, and stuff your shoes with your trinket boxes or delicate makeup compacts. You can even use your clothing and soft furnishings as padding for your valuables. The more you utilise the items you are already packing, the less boxes you will need.

10. Pack your breakables vertically 

You might stack your plates one on top of the other in the kitchen, but packing them away like this for a move is likely to end in heartbreak. Basically, the more surface area that is open to force, the bigger the chance that there will be a break. To minimise the risk of breakage, pack any larger, delicate items – mirrors, plates, picture frames – into boxes like you were stacking the dish rack. Keep everything horizontal and separated with padding. 

Don’t forget to tape a cross onto your larger mirrors and frames for extra protection against shattering.

And there you have it, 10 packing hacks to make your next move even easier. If you have any clever tips and tricks you swear by, let us know!

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